I ordered a dreamlite puppy dog for my grandson as soon as the tv adds were on tv, first i was charged 97.95 for one puppy dog. so i didn't pay for it the I ordered another one it was 55.56 n realized my grandson had used my cc n used the money i had in my cc account so on July 30th I once again ordered the same item which came out to $60.97 which was taken out of my cc on august the 3rd, when i didn't recieve my item in 6-7 days as promissed i called the 800 customer service number I spoke to 3 different sdr whom were very rude to me wouldn't listen to my concerns n just hung up on me on my 4th call I finally got a csr who was kind n had manners, he listened to my concerns and my problem i was having. he was to only one to who was kind enough to give me ur web-site so i could tell u my concern. On august the third the amount of $60.97 was taken out of my cc on my statement it did say the it was dreamlites who they had paid for my Item. as of yet going now on 2 months i have recieved nothing. I did advise the young man that the money was taken out ot my cc n i had the statement in front of my face this young man understood n said that he would also write my concerns to the corporate office also. He also advised me I could order another on n re-pay but why should i do that when i have already paid for the item i had already ordered. apparently they had the wrong zip-code on my mailing address also. SO the reason I'm writing is that to tell u all that I have already paid for the item i ordered the money was taken out of my cc it is in my statement n i've talked to the bank and they also advised me who the party was that they paid which was dreamlites. I would really appriciate my item sence i have already paid for it, n don't feel i should re-order n re-pay for it again. that isn't fair to me or my grandson who's been asking for it every day n i keep running out of things to tell him sence he see the mail-man run in front of my house my grandson is really looking forward to his puppy pillow... sence it is paid for i would appreciate it if u could send my item asap. this is my address.

Siria Chavez

805 Hueco #62

Carlsbad, NM 88220


an answer from u would really be appreciated from the cor-porate office advising me that u all are going to mail out my item asap. Cause right now I am very irrate, n i don't like getting mad like this when I'm promised my item will arrive with-in 6-7 days n its been 2 months n i haven't recieved anything. Please help a disabled old woman. I sur would appreciate it.

Thank - You

Siria Chavez

Monetary Loss: $60.

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Greenville, South Carolina, United States #580191

I try to allways read reviews before I order an I feel srry for the people that was ripped of ,so there's more than one complaint on the same things ,so I thank these people who told about there situation an best of luck to them !!an I will not order if I decide to eve. Get one ill go to a store ,an also they really Dnt look like there worth cost of $29.99 does any one agree with that price ? Thank you God Bless


I too ordered two dreamlites and one charger that was to have free shipping, I approved order for $61.00 when the confirmed order came up online, I was billed $91.00, I too called 800 no.was told they could credit me $5.00, they said I ordered fast shipping which I DID NOT, to cancel order I have to cancel my debit card and wait two weeks for a new one..The rep. told me the order had already went through, I ordered on SAT.

called them early Mon.

since they were closed Sun. I join all who call this company a fraud..

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