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I ordered a dreamlite from their website. After putting in my payment information and PAYING, it then gave me the option of upgrading my order to have 3-5 Day Expedited Shipping.

I paid for it, then a week later received an email saying that I would receive the item in 5-10 business days (!!!!). I called to complain, asking to speak to a supervisor. I was told that their supervisors were busy and that they could offer me a $5 credit for my trouble. I had to argue with her over 5 minutes before she would transfer me to a supervisor (she repeatedly said they were all busy at the moment).

I asked why they didn't PLAINLY specify that my order would take an ADDITIONAL 5-10 business days AFTER the 3-5 day expedited shipping??? Does that not imply that I would be receiving the product in 3-5 business days?? I now do not have my son's birthday gift for his birthday.

The ordering process was sketchy, and I am obviously unhappy with the results.

I will NEVER order from them again and I strongly suggest you do not get mixed up with this obvious scam. Oh, and if you stick with regular shipping, it takes 4 to 6 WEEKS to receive your Dreamlite.

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I believe this company is a scam.. becuase there are many people that have been complaining about the same issue.

1. not being able to see the actual charges when they upgrade before hitting the submit button.

2. not getting their product in a timely manner as they were told.. Many companies that don't promise what they have stated reimburst you a credit right away..

3. there is no available supervisor either.

I tried to make an order online for two of these pillows and stopped half way through when they offered the upgrade for an additinal $10 and it didn't give me an option if i wanted 1 or 2.. when i called the customer service number i got two different responses.. 1 service rep said.. that i just just hit the order now button and then decide how many i wanted. when i asked her are you sure she said no... the 2nd service rep. didn't know if i was already charged for my order and wanted me to place another one.. i hung up because i don't want to get charged extra like these other consumers..


I ordered a dreamlite for my son June 27th and received it July 3rd (today)....i didn't have a problem with the ordering process or anything. This company is not a scam.

Don't you think they would have been out of business by now if that was the case. They have more products than just the dreamlite.


They declined my card then charged it and never sent me a bill to my email I'm more upset because my daughter is upse and sad.

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