I ordered dreamlites for my 6 year old granddaughter for her birthday in march 2012 it is now june never recived it but they sure took the 40 dollers out of my bank this is a big sham and we should not let these people get away with robbing little kids if you want to see what we can do about this contact me at capdeb927@netzero.com Iwas just told I have to have 100 words so I think with all the complaints I have been reading something should be done like putting up a website warning people not to send them any money and dont give them any of your bank info. and what a rip off they are I hope they are injoying my money because right about now Im so mad I could use that 40 for a f---- drink it sure is sad when idoits can promise a little kid something and just take are hard earned money and not send the pet my granddaughter was waiting and waiting by the mailbox is it here nana no honey not today well i guess never so something should be done Thanks for hearing me out Debra

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I am sure glad to read you guys comments because I wanted to order one for my girl's birth next month. I'll take my money some place else. Appreciate it guys.



Did you ever get your money back from DreamLites?

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