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Update: I did cancel my credit card before Ontel was able to charge anything to it. I had to pay $12.00 for a new card to be fedexed to me so they already cost me $12.00.

They had emailed me an invoice/confirmation and i emailed them at their email listed on it and said to cancel my order immediately. I did not tell them i cancelled my card. They promptly emailed me back and said that they never put it on my card and my order was cancelled and to call customer service with any questions. This place is a total rip off and if i had known any of this upfront, i would have never ordered from them.

I wonder is there any way to file a formal complaint with the FCC for false advertising? Please do not order from these crooks!

Original review posted by user Feb 27, 2012

Ordered dreamlites unicorn online from tv ad and got a call from them today stating they got my order and it would be filled. Also that they would send me a $100 gas gift card plus sign me up for a savings program that i could cancel if i did not want it but otherwise $29.95 would be billed to my credit card monthly.

I asked when i could expect my dreamlites unicorn and they said they could not tell me, i'd have to call customer service. I told her i did not want anything else billed to my card and she promptly said have a good day and hung up on me. I tried calling customer service number and it was busy all day. I called another number and they said that was the number i had to call to cancel my order (i decided that was the best thing to do).

I did not want to deal with these scammers anymore so i cancelled my credit card and now if they try to charge it, they won't be able to. They have tried to call me but i will not answer the phone!

Do not order from Ontel Products. They don't have the product and they are not to be trusted.

Monetary Loss: $29.

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:( I ordered 2 (the dino and the monkey) I even did the upgrade to the deluxe package... I paid extra to expidite the shipping for xmas...

sad to say after a week I never recieved them so I called...

they kept asking the same questions over and over "you ordered 3 no 2 so you ordered on line no on the phone with a live person oh you mailed the order in" the noise in the background reminds me of telemarketers without a clue... I got upset and told the girl I'm going to report them to the BBB, only then did she stop giving me the run around


Do not order from website or any of these people, we ordered them to sell locally at our store wholesale of course, prices were really high, and they kept billing us 13000 the first time and then 6000 the second, just sending random orders we never placed. Retarded company with retarded people working it.



I wanted a red ladybug for my son (from Santa). It would match his current pillow pet.

Well a pink one came in the mail. So I called and was told, "send it back and write on the box EXCHANGE FOR A RED ONE" - at my cost, of course. So I did. and guess what?

They sent ANOTHER PINK ONE. I plan to write to their email, plus PillowPet's email requesting a refund but telling them I'm giving it to Toys4Tots. GRR. I ended up ordering from AsSeenOnTVJunkies.com and I actually got a RED one.

Christmas was saved. Very frustrating.

to MomInBoots Phoenix, Arizona, United States #578972

This exact same thing happened to me. This company sucks! DO NOT ORDER FROM THEM!!!!!!


I am just reading these comments now. I am still waiting for mine to be mailed to me. I live in Canada (Ottawa) and when I call the number listed it is an operator saying the call cannot go through from my location???!??


My children watch the TV commercial that plays over and over. One of them really wants the lavender unicorn dream lites that is on the commercial, but of course, it is retired.

Take it off the commercial if you don't have the product.

False advertising!

I made an online order with them, but cancelled the next day when I realized they charge an extra $15.90 for "processing and handling." It was supposed to be free shipping, but I guess that is how they get around that. What a scam company!


DO NOT BUY THIS PRODUCT. If you do, buy it in a LOCAL store, Target, Toys-R-Us, etc.

My order experience has been a nightmare! 7-13-12 I ordered a unicorn and a turtle online, then called back the next day and ordered two power supplies. The unicorn worked fine, the turtle would NOT work with batteries, only the power supply. I requested to return the defective unit, it took almost 2 weeks to get the return authorization paperwork.

I shipped it from the local post office with a dated stamp, just to cover my a**. They advised they now had monkeys, I asked for a monkey. I received another UNICORN. I called for a return authorization, another 2 weeks to get that one.

I shipped the unicorn back, confirming my order was for a monkey, and that they had one in stock, which they confirmed. 2 wks later I received paperwork for a mini monkey pillow AND received a mini moose pillow! What?! I called again for a return authorization, it took 2 wks to get it.

I called, advised I did not order a moose and was SICK of this mess, to cancel my order and refund my money. It gets even worse: they want to refund $12.95 for a monkey pillow I did not order and did not receive! NO WAY - I advised I wanted the $25.95 plus tax refunded that I paid for the TURTLE. They advised, "I will send a note to our management to request the $25.95." I was STEAMING!

I was also told they don't refund taxes -oh and they TAXED the entire thing: shipping, handling, and expedited shipping.

THIS IS ILLEGAL but I'm not certain how to go about reporting it...?? Anyway, they want 10 business days to process my refund so I've marked my calendar to call on Nov 1st...


hi, i saw the dreamlite teddies on the television. i am from jamaica, and i am 23 years old, i have a one(1) year daughter, i would love for her to have the butterfly dreamlite.

(smiling) she loves teddies, plus she also needs a soft lite in her room at night. i don't have the funds to purchase one for her, so please i am asking for one? it will be greatly appreciated. thank u.

my contact number is (1876)5840676, and my address is 4 St.

Johns Drive Spanish Town St. Catherine


bought mine from Walgreens and inserted the batteries and the darn thing won't work!!! don't know if my is defective or what...What a waste of money!!!


I ordered one for my son had it shipped thru UPS I've tracked my order everyday it was suppose to be here today guaranteed! I spike with UPS 4 times finally they told me it was last scanned on the 7th and they have mi further info.

I've been told by ups to contact the shipper (dreamlites) and can't get thru to customer service, I've already been billed $54 on my cc I'm pissed! How is it in transit one day now they don't know where it is ? It DISAPPEARED??



Thanks Debra Bauer, I was ready to enter my info and thought to read the comments. I am getting my grandchildren one for their birthdays, now I will go to Fred Meyers.


heres the number 855-876-1816


Thank you guys so much for putting this out there. My mom wanted to order the lady bug for my daughters birthday an I said to her mom you shouldn't trust ordering things on TV like that because they charge your CC for magazines, etc.

and tell you that you can cancel at anytime, which is a load of ***. Who ever was scammed by these people need to call the better business bureau and the channel station that is advertising it to stop there ADS.


i have been logining in on site all week trying to decide which lite to buy my oldest granddaughter, this time i read all entries and seen the compliant thread so i will go to toy R us to buy mine too.


Thanks for the heads up. I'll buy mine at Toys' us.


How long did it take for them to charge your account? My mom ordered 2 for my daughters yesterday, I went to track my order and it said no order is there..

So I call her bank, the money hasn't been taken out yet.. I'm trying to figure out how long it takes them to charge the account so I can just go buy one from the store if they aren't going to take the money out.


Wow! I was just logging on to buy my daughter one for her birthday (she's been singing their song over and over), thank goodness I saw this.

These people sound horrible!! Will order from Toys R Us.

Thank you for sharing your experiences with the rest of us unsuspecting public.


I ordered one never got it but I was at fredmeyers the other day and they sell them there


I ordered one never got it but I was at fredmeyers the other day and they sell them there


Hey Yanira,The number is 855-876-1816

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