My son watched dreamliite's commercial and was so excited, so I went online and immediately ordered the Giraff for his birthday. I even paid extra for expeedite shipping to ensure that it arrives before his birthday.

Two week later I was still waiting for the product. I just called the comapny and was informed that if I want the Giraff I have to wait 6 more weeks!! A fact they forgot(...!?) to mention when I placed the order. And regarding expedites shipping???

they shamelessly explained that it does not mean getting your order faster, it onmly means that your oreder will be handled in a higher priority.... If we truly believe we desreve better service for what we pay, we MUST stop purchasing any products from companies like Dreamlite!

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Phoenix, Arizona, United States #598479

bought the unicorn for daughters Christmas present. It is not even a month later, and the bulbs are burned out, yet, my child has never abused this toy, only sleeps with it at night. the company cannot be contacted thru their phone, I ended up having to return it at Kohls where I purchased it, and of course, they were all out of dreamlite pets, we had to exchange for another toy of equal value

Oak Harbor, Washington, United States #597220

My daughter got a dream lite for Christmas and it isn't even the end of January and it is not working. About a week ago it started cycling through the light colors like rave, techno lights.

I could not shut it off and I switched it to the timer and it still would not shut off. I took the batteries out hoping that would reset it.

It did for about 3 minutes and then started strobing again. I have been reading comments from other consumers and they have been saying very similar things.


I have bought 4 Dreamlites and all 4 of them do not work. Coincidence?

I think not! The button just stops working and does not rotate through the lights. All three colors shine out at once which looks really weird. Then it will not run on batteries.

You have to have the batteries but plug it into the wall for it to even come on. After exchanging several times I finally just returned the product and got my money back.

It is sad that a company will risk putting their name out there with a crappy product. Now when my daughter (3 yrs old) sees the commercial on television she says, "look mommy it's the broken Dreamlites on t.v." What a shame.


Well, I usually never order from weird companies on TV but I saw the Dreamlites and thought my nephew would like it. I placed the order online and I found it weird that they would not give you an order number or a receipt until you answered "a few simple questions." When I got to the receipt page, it posted an error message.

So, I have no confirmation at all that ever even placed the order! I called my bank and they say they do not see any evidence of the order being processed...so maybe it didn't process but I tried calling the Dreamlites company but first...I had to locate company information. It's not on their website. Of course, they are closed today and there was no ability to leave a message.

So, I sent them an e-mail. But if this starts processing on Monday, I'm cancelling my card. This is total b.s.

I know I'm the *** for ordering from an unknown company but come on. After reading the complaints all over the web, I now know I should never have done this.

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