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I ordered two dreamlites onlinep from the offical website online fot my kids for Christmas.They sent me one dreamlite which I did not order and the other one that was right had fur missing and was defective. I called customer service and said I just wanted to return the defective one and send me a label and I wanted my money back for the defective one because they could not sende one in time for christmas.

Then the label I returned it however a month later they sent me a replacement that I didn't want then I called and ask for a return label to send it back so I can get my money back and they said they'd email it to me I never got a email so I called back and ask for return label and they said they'd send it to me I waited and I never got a label in the mail 10 days later so I called again.

Said theyd send me a label. We will see if I ever get one.They still have my monwy and Im waiting for a return label for something I did not want.Terrible customer service I will not order anything from them agian.

Monetary Loss: $30.

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the unicorn pillow pet the plastic that is made on it has started to melt.it is not suppose to do that.what am i supposed to do? i cant let my gran baby have it while she is going to bed.

It says on your sites,that it supposed to go off automatedly. but they do not go off like they suppose to.please help me with this problem,and their are other people out there are complaining about the unicorns that you have.

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