I just called Dream lite customer service. My question, why on there home page did they have WEB only on certain animals that you can purchase in the store, ie.

the Unicorn stated WEB only, and I just came back from buying one at Toys R Us. She didn't care about that, she wanted to know what I was ordering, I said nothing I have read the reviews on your return service, people not getting there shipments, battery recharges being charged to the customer when not ordered. Plastic part that covers battery broken, and Dreamlites won't replace it so they have taped it. After reading the above and there are more there is no way I would purchase one online.

She hung up on me. I called back and said the same thing to a man this time, and he said we guarantee ours, if you buy one from a store there is no gurantee. I asked about the Web page, is wasn't aware of it.

And then what did I want to order, I said I would not order anything from Dreamlites Online, your a rip off. And he hung up.

Monetary Loss: $12.

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